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Michael Diamond Resnick, born 5 March 1942, is one of the best Science Fiction writers i have ever read. He is the recipient of five Hugo awards, and quite deservedly so.


If you have never read him, you are in for a real treat. Get up, go to the bookstore, and buy yourself a copy of Kirinyaga, I can pretty much guarantee that you will not read many books better than this one.


It is an amazing book, which a collection of short stories that take place in a future world, where humanity has colonized space, and colonization has reached the point where even religious and cultural separatists colonize their own worlds, and in this particular book, a group of people from the African tribe of Kikuyu form their own world and live their lives as if they were in ancient Africa, even though they live in an age of star travel.

Living this way comes with many problems, like abiding by superstition in an age of science, like the practice of Mingi, which says it is bad luck if a babies top teeth come in before any others, then that child must be killed by thrown it into a river or exposure. The tribe’s medicine man, who is highly educated and has a satellite communications up-link in his hut, but still lives as, and relishes in his role as a powerful and respected witch doctor, runs into trouble with galactic authorities for killing a child for being one of these bad luck births.

Perhaps one of the most powerful of these short stories is the story called “For I Have Touched the Sky” which is about what happens when a young and extremely gifted child is born to the tribe, one with an intellect like  Newton or an Einstein, but there’s just one problem, she was born a girl, and there is no room in their Utopia for that kind of girl. The story is extraordinarily moving and poignant.

If you have finished picking up the copy, or ordered it online, I highly recommend many of his other short stories, such as The 43 Antarean Dynasties, which can be found in podcast form on the wonderful Sci-Fi podcast site Escapepod, and his delightful short story, “Travels with My Cats”.

I have no doubt that you will find Resnick  a very talented, powerful, and deep writer.


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