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Herbert George Wells, otherwise known as H.G., was a wonderfully prolific writer from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s (21 September 1866 – 13 August 1946) who is sometimes called “The Father of Science Fiction” and it is an apt title.


His work and ideas are globally known, and people of every Nation and every Language know his works such as “The War of the Worlds“, “The Time Machine“, “The Invisible Man“, “The Island of Dr. Moreau“, “The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth” and “In the Days of the Comet“.

He was a good visionary of mankind’s future, having accurately predicted Atomic Weapons (in his book “The World Set Free”) and the Internet (in his collection of essays titled “World Brain” in which he tackles the notion of a permanent world encyclopedia) and mechanized warfare in many of his works such as “The War in the Air”, but he wasn’t a good visionary for just having predicted these things, but in the light he portrayed them and with the hopeful future and kinder wisdom that he expressed that we could develop to wield these massive powers without destroying ourselves.

He had a difficult childhood, having been placed in several unhappy apprenticeships all the while pursuing a life in Academia that he eventually attained and became a Biologist. He often expressed socialist sentiment, having been a member of the Fabian Society.

Even though his works are world-famous, taking a stroll through his lesser known work is very rewarding, I highly recommend his short story “The Country of the Blind”  in which an explorer tumbles into a hidden mountain village where a disease of the local environment robs newborns of sight. I also recommend “The Star” in which a star enters our solar system on a collision course, very interesting and reminiscent of the modern movie “Melancholia”, but one of my favorites of his short works is the story “The Land Ironclads” which can also be found in the audio-book collection The Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories. His vision and excellent writing really shine through in that story.


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