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Haruki Murakami, born January 12th 1949 is a Japanese novelist and writer.



His work and writing style is so unusual, and unique, that it is difficult to classify into a certain genre, but he makes such casual and clever use of dimensional doorways, time travel, alternate lives and selves, that I say he belongs deep in the domain of Sci-Fi.

One of the first books of his I ever read was “Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World” which was a brilliant novel in so many ways, and I was so glad that I live in a world with a strange and wonderful mind that could create something like that, and that it was my first book of his.


It is almost impossible to describe and explain about this book, without sounding completely crazy. Suffice it to say it is rich and complex book that has a “hard-boiled” detective type character who underwent advanced neurosurgery to become a human code breaking machine, there is a beautiful and slender female character who had a sort of dimensional dilation surgery so that she can eat and eat without ever getting full or fat, there is a journey through a secret underground cave system below Tokyo that is filled with monsters, and perhaps the best feature of the book, a fascinating and mysterious alternate universe called “The End of the World” where in order to gain entrance you have to go through shadow removal surgery.

Another excellent book of his is 1Q84, the Q is actually meant to symbolize “?” , the question mark symbol, which is meant to symbolize the quandary that two of the central characters struggle with, they know they have undergone some kind of time travel, they are in some sort of¬†parallel¬†universe that reminds them of the year 1984 in their own world, but some things are so different they cant call it “1984”. One of the central characters is an extremely fit female assassin named “Aomame”, which translates from Japanese as “Green Peas”, a writer and judo expert named Tengo, and their struggle against a mysterious cult that worships “the little people”, who unfortunately turn out to be very real, very powerful, and very vengeful.


As I said, there is no convincing way to describe Murakami’s characters and plots without sounding crazy, which is what makes his work so brilliant, it has a quality that makes you feel as if you are experiencing a waking dream. I highly recommend reading his works.


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