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Generally considered to be the founding father of Cyberpunk, William Ford Gibson’s mind works a little differently than the other kids in the schoolyard, which is something Sci-Fi readers all over the world can be grateful for.

William Gibson’s early life was problematic, filled with emotional struggles and frequent re-locations,  it seems the ugly duckling phase of his life is over, having blossomed into critical success with his excellent novel “Neuromancer” and financial success with books breaking onto the best-seller lists such as “Spook Country” and “Zero History”.

Neuromancer was a thrilling novel, with likable low-life characters such as an ex-hacker whose nervous system has been damaged so that he can never again access computer networks, and his partner in crime a female cybernetic assassin, both trying to pull off a caper that will allow them to strike back at the system that discarded them both. Although some people may disagree with my analysis of the novel, one of the most fascinating parts of the plot was that an extremely technologically advanced society, working however unwittingly, in the apparent absence of an afterlife and God and the Devil, actually manage to construct those very things, with the impact for mankind being truly horrific. Two central characters of the book, a very powerful and  illegal AI known as Wintermute, works diligently to free another AI known as Neuromancer, and it becomes apparent through the novel that these two have the power to keep human “souls” in continued existence after their death, even against those souls will, they can inflict infinite pain, or pleasure, they live forever, and are vastly more intelligent than any human, in short, God and the Devil. Especially given one of the AI’s immoral and sadistic tendencies. I can only speak for myself, but the notion of Christian Mythology being made real through technology scares me more than I have ever been scared by any other book. VERY un-settling!

He is generally attributed as the person who created the term “Cyberspace”. Given the counter-cultural penchant and hippy lifestyle of his younger days it is not surprising to me that he would produce such a brilliant and engaging novel that really opens ones eyes to the un-spoken goal of all our science and technology.


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