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Philip Jose Farmer

A brilliant and strange writer, he always treated Religion, Sexuality and Stereotypes in such a unique and clever way that you can’t help but like his writing. He is a recipient of the prestigious Hugo award, so I can’t be alone in that opinion.

My first experience with his work was a collection of his short stories called Strange Relations which is an immensely good read which I highly recommend, and one really memorable one was his short story “Mother”, which was about an emotionally derelict young man and his domineering mother who become stranded on an alien world where the dominant life-form are sentient plants, his mother is killed and he is taken prisoner inside one of these plant creatures where he is forced to live out the rest of his life in an alien womb. The story had deep psycho-sexual themes that made me uncomfortable, but the story was brilliant and I will remember it forever.

Another excellent and memorable short story from that collection was the one called “Father”, in which an intergalactic star-liner makes a pit stop on a strange world, and they discover a very strange being there that needs passage on their vessel. The only problem is there is mounting evidence making the crew, passengers, and priest believe that this being may in fact be God. Very Clever, get a copy as soon as you can. His most successful series is his RiverWorld Series.


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